A study published in the June 2005 edition of the British Medical Journal found that for low risk women in the United States, planned home births are as safe as hospital births, and accomplished with much less medical intervention, compared with low risk hospital births.

Choosing to give birth at home is usually more to do with feelings than statistics. Conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural processes, and many mothers are reluctant to see labor as a medical event. Giving birth naturally can be a profound, life-transforming experience, and yet the intensity of the process can be challenging. The key to a healthy birth is the ability to relax, as it allows spontaneous labor to progress without interference. The greatest obstacle is fear, for it generates tension and resistance, which makes coping with contractions more difficult. Generally, the more relaxed the mother, the easier the birth. Mothers birth best where they feel most comfortable.

For many healthy, low-risk mothers, home provides a supportive and safe environment in which to give birth. In the privacy and sanctity of your own home you can surround yourself with those you love and trust. Assisted by capable, well-trained midwives, your family has the freedom to create the experience they desire and welcome their new child with love and dignity. 

By choosing to birth with Midwives Cooperative, you will experience continuous care with the same midwives throughout your prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum periods, facilitating trust and competent decision-making. You are free to explore a variety of creative comfort measures as you work with your own natural body rhythms – not subjected to “routine” procedures – and you will give birth in a position of your own choosing.

Babies born at home are welcomed as gently as possible. The healthy baby remains with the mother, preserving the mother-infant bonding so crucial for the development of attachment. Breastfeeding is easier to establish when the baby can nurse immediately and on demand.

When birth takes place at home it becomes an integral part of family life, with partner and/or siblings able to participate in as complete and appropriate a manner as possible. This helps postpartum adjustment for all the family members.