What do I need for a home birth?  Is my house suitable?

Your midwife will help you make sure you have everything you need. Most of the things you will want to have on hand are pretty basic (eg: receiving blankets for the baby, sanitary pads). Your Midwives will also make home visits to help you prepare – but as long as you have basic amenities and live within 30 minutes of emergency care, your house is most likely suitable – considering that you are planning to raise your baby there!

Isn’t birth terribly messy? What about all the clean-up?

We have found that the average birth produces 2 loads of laundry and one bag of trash. By the time your midwives leave you, the laundry is usually almost finished, the trash is out and your house restored to normal...

What if something goes wrong?

You and your midwife will make an Emergency Care Plan during the latter part of your pregnancy. Consultation with an Obstetrician is available, and should you need to transfer to a hospital, your midwife will go with you to provide support and assistance. Midwives are trained and equipped to deal with emergencies during labor and birth.

How do we get a birth certificate for a baby born at home?

Your Midwives will complete and file a birth certificate with the State of Florida. You will need to apply for a copy from your local Health Department, and pay a fee; Birth Certificates are not automatically sent to you.