We follow the midwifery standard of care for prenatal and postpartum visits. Our appointments are about an hour long, so you will have ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss your feelings and desires surrounding the pregnancy and birth. Your family members are always welcome at prenatal visits…toddlers love to help us listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and older siblings are fascinated with the charts showing how the baby is growing. We meet for visits in the comfort of your own home and in our office. We travel outside of the Gainesville area every 2 weeks. If your prenatal visit does not fall at those times, we will arrange an office visit. 


We follow the midwifery standard of care for laboratory and ultrasound studies. Standard prenatal labs are performed at the initial visit, 28 weeks and 36 weeks as well as genetic testing if desired. A routine anatomy ultrasound is scheduled at 18-24 weeks with UF Health Women’s Center. Typically one ultrasound is performed unless further indicated.


Clients have special access to all of our information handouts and packets here.


Two Midwives attend each birth, and will be available to you completely during the labor and birth process. As your labor begins, you and your Midwives will decide when you are ready for them to arrive.

During labor your Midwives will be sensitive to your needs…perhaps you need more quiet and privacy, or maybe some words of encouragement and a back massage as well as ensuring that you and your baby are doing well.

We are experienced and comfortable with waterbirth, and have birthing stools available. Your baby will be welcomed gently into the world, surrounded by the people you have chosen to be with you on this special day.


After your baby is born, your Midwives will stay with you for several hours. The first hour is a special time for bonding with your family, as well as the beginning of the breastfeeding relationship.

Following this, a Midwife will perform a complete newborn examination, including weight and length. Your baby will be right next to you during this examination so any questions you may have can be answered immediately.

After making sure that you and your baby are settled down comfortably, breastfeeding is off to a good start and the house is clean and tidy, we leave your family to bask in the joy of a new life...and take a well-deserved nap!


You and your family will be encouraged to “nest” in the first few days. This is a time for the new family to connect with the newborn, establish breastfeeding and recover from the physical exertion of birth. Your Midwife will contact you in the first 24 hours, and make a home visit at 24-48 hours. Of course, as always, we are available to you if you have questions or concerns.


Your body will take about 6 weeks to return to its non-pregnant state. During this time your Midwives will keep in contact with you for breastfeeding support and any questions you may have. We will visit you again at 2 weeks, and at 6 weeks will be scheduled in office as your final post-partum visit.